World record attempt for most comments on an online news item in 24 hours has started. #comment24 #RNLI

At 6am Greenwich Mean Time (that’s in the the UK) an attempt at the world record for the most comments on an online news item in 24 hours began (ie this blog post). According to Guinness World Records® we need around 100k unique comments. That’s just over 1 comment a second! With your help we think we can whoop that.

This is also charity fund raiser for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) the UK. The level of funds raised is not associated with the number of comments and it doesn’t cost to leave a comment but if you want you can make donation by clicking on the big green “DONATE NOW!” button in the sidebar – the bigger the donation the better.

When you leave a comment you have the option to tweet it – please do so if you can as this will help to spread the word using the #comment24 hashtag.

To comply with the rules the comments must be at least 10 characters, a minimum of two words and not comprise solely of punctuation marks. Basically comments have to make sense. Happy commenting & let’s see if we can raise  some cash for the RNLI.

Postscript – conclusion here

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7 thoughts on “The morning after the week before #comment24

  1. Rich Wright says:

    A superb effort by all involved, and a great amount of money raised for a very worthy charity.

    I can see this fast becoming another of Tref’s annual events, to which I am all for and look forward to smashing 5500 comments and raising even more money for a discerning charity.

    #comment24 #RNLI #TimicoUK

  2. John says:

    Fantastic work. Congatulations on the £5809 raised. I can’t think of a more worthy cause.

    Let’s hope 5455 is sufficient to enter the record books :-)

  3. kitsune says:

    Had I realised that the comments didn’t have to be from unique people I’d have left more than one…!

  4. Fantastic effort and great contribution to the RNLI

  5. Big Evil says:

    Great job Tref – either way you raised some good money for worthy cause!


  6. cyberdoyle says:

    Well done to everyone, a commendable effort for a great cause, and the forerunner of things to come. Social media and people, forming communities to do stuff. Love IT.

  7. Tom Kelsey says:

    I guess One Direction didn’t answer my constant pleas for a re-tweet about the cause, still an amazing amount of money raised, well done all!

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