World record attempt for most comments on an online news item in 24 hours has started. #comment24 #RNLI

At 6am Greenwich Mean Time (that’s in the the UK) an attempt at the world record for the most comments on an online news item in 24 hours began (ie this blog post). According to Guinness World Records® we need around 100k unique comments. That’s just over 1 comment a second! With your help we think we can whoop that.

This is also charity fund raiser for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) the UK. The level of funds raised is not associated with the number of comments and it doesn’t cost to leave a comment but if you want you can make donation by clicking on the big green “DONATE NOW!” button in the sidebar – the bigger the donation the better.

When you leave a comment you have the option to tweet it – please do so if you can as this will help to spread the word using the #comment24 hashtag.

To comply with the rules the comments must be at least 10 characters, a minimum of two words and not comprise solely of punctuation marks. Basically comments have to make sense. Happy commenting & let’s see if we can raise  some cash for the RNLI.

Postscript – conclusion here

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  1. good luck from all at b4rn, we love grassroots initiatives to make our world a better place, and although we work on dry land we support the brave people on the high seas.

  2. Let’s light up that fibre with words – let’s see it try see it buzz with comments! May the muses be with you today >> may your fingers fly across that keyboard with inspiration >> with words of wit and wisdom! And, while you’re at it >> direct all your sage thoughts to this page >> before six tomorrow morning!

  3. Again I’d like to echo the good luck sentiment shared by the others below.

    Got to shoot out soon but will try and come back with a more insightful post on the issues you mentioned in the blog post at some point.

  4. What a great, positive idea! just what I needed to raise a smile on a cold and blustery morning. Best of luck with it…I’ll be calling back later to see how you are getting on.

  5. Crumbs, Have we started? Do I comment on this post, or another one? Maybe I should have gotten up earlier in preparation for this auspicious day. Fingers to the ready … All the best to you Tref to get the record for RNLI x

  6. Oh, no… they are… just at the top and not at the bottom like I was expecting. I am sure i will wake up soon. Morning all – Happy Thursday x

  7. Maybe I should set my alarm and gotten up earlier … come on people … heave ho. PS it just told me I was posting too quickly again…

  8. I think you need to put in a fair bit of effort to be inspired. It’s a matter of serendipity. ‘The harder I work the luckier I get’ kinda thing. That’s personal inspiration. But as for an organisation that inspires I absolutely agree on RNLI. Good luck with the challenge.

  9. I’m sorry to say I think we’re yet to see the worst. 2012 will be worse than 2011, the Euro, poverty, democratic upheaval and war. Let’s hope those in power see sense and hold back on the war front and focus on the economy and improving the lives of those they can help.

  10. The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea. Funded by charitable donations, the lifeboat crews and lifeguards of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution have saved over 139000 lives at sea since 1824.

    Why not visit the website to find out more:

  11. Good luck with record attempt and raising much needed funds for RNLI – they need all the help they can get to carry on with their vital service

  12. Going Back to Bed in accordance with my New Year’s Resolution inspired by the New Scientist:

    If you need an excuse for spending more time in bed during the holidays, this could be it: too little sleep can make you fat. Bo found that the adults who became obese during her six-year study slept an average of about 6.3 hours a night, compared with about 7.2 hours for those who maintained a healthier body weight. The link between sleep and weight held even when her team took into account other important causes of obesity, such as low levels of physical activity. Rachael Taylor at the University of Otago, New Zealand, has found that children aged between 3 and 5 who sleep less than the average 11 hours a night are also more likely to be overweight or obese by the time they are 7 (BMJ, vol 342, p 2712).

    Sleep deprivation reduces the secretion of leptin, a hormone that suppresses appetite, and increases levels of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite. “Or it could be as simple as less sleep means more time to eat,” says Taylor. Either way, an extra hour in bed sure beats going to the gym.

  13. Did you know that if you click on the { xxx comments… read them below or add one } << "add one" link it whips you down the the comments box without the need to scroll. Just though I would mention that top tip I had for you all. Now get cracking and lets get going.

  14. Darren and JD – the rules state:

    To comply with the rules the comments must be at least 10 characters, a minimum of two words.

    So “Good Luck” and “Meow” I don’t think will count! I’ll whip you all into shape before the day is out. Now focus ….

  15. Nick & Godhammer – Again I will have to point out your comments will not count as they are not over the allotted word and character count.

  16. I recall my Grandad’s charity being the RNLI, and as a wee boy putting pennies in the life size children like collection machines. Good luck, he’d have loved this.

  17. An excellent idea. RNLI is a super choice and I hope you reach your target. My inspiration: my friend Tracey who survived Cancer at 25 and lives life to the full 15 years on.

  18. Best wishes from Popeye, Bugs Bunny, Betty Boop, Roland Rat (superstar), Corky The Cat, Road Runner, Mighty Mouse, Drut (mind the trapdoor), Wallace & grommet, Hong Kong Phooey, Inspector Gadget, Mickey Mouse, Fred & Wilma Flintstone, Foghorn Leghorn, Quick Draw McGraw, Charlie Brown & Linus, Dumbo, Snow White……..oh and me.

  19. To comply with the rules the comments must be at least 10 characters, a minimum of two words and not comprise solely of punctuation marks. You can make more than one comment but not so many it looks as if you are a machine. Basically comments have to make sense. Happy commenting & let’s see if we can raise £100k for the RNLI.

  20. As anyone who enjoys watersports (either on or below the water) knows, the RNLI is the fourth emergency service. Without their bravery and skill far more lives would be lost at sea, yet they are nearly all volunteers – I’m in this to help support them!

  21. This is a unique and wonderful idea, which i hope will raise more than the 100,000 expected for the RNLI. If one life is saved then .. wow! … what an acheivement.

  22. I think it is a pointless exercise, just give the damn money and be content.

    Nah, just kidding!

    Best of luck getting in the record books!

  23. Thank you to the RNLI for all their exceptional work in the South Hams/Caradon! Beach lifegaurds, lifeboat volunteers, education, training and more 🙂

  24. Good Luck Tref with the record attempt.

    Im hoping 2012 will be a good year since London is hosting the Olympics. This should inspire us as a get together as a nation and support ourt teams and make this a success. Im also hoping that our new data centre will inspire our existing and forthcoming customers to increase their usage of using Timico services.

  25. Good Luck Tref! I hope the target is smashed 🙂 Fantastic cause as well! I’ll think of my inspiration for 2012 throughout the day and add further comment later!


  26. Trev, good luck with all of this, personally this internet thing will never take off.

    The quill and ink is king in my book 😉 Excellent charity by the way, will offer a few farthings.


  27. Dear Tref,

    Happy new year. I really hope you meet your ambitious target, it is wonderful to see a record breaking attempt succeed.

    My inspiration for the new year is George Osborne. He and the treasury department have a rather unenviable job of trying to balance the government books. Every day the country as a whole borrows £400 million, which can’t go on forever. I hope he succeeds too. I appreciate that this is not very inspirational, but it is important.

  28. Brilliant idea to boost understanding & generate money for the charity. Delighted BT iNet have played a part in the underlying technology. Tell your friends everyone !

  29. Good luck with the record attempt and raising money for RNLI – so far so good!

    My mantra for life and therefore 2012 is “it’s all about the journey”… here’s to making the most of each day we have and smiling while we do it.

  30. Best of luck with the record attempt Tref. It’s great that social media can be harnessed in such a way to raise money for a very worthwhile charity.

    What a turbulent year 2011 was, and I feel 2012 may be just as eventful, but my inspiration for this year is my community, and by that I mean my friends and family, my village, my work colleagues as well as my social networks. The power of community to come together, achieve great things and inspire others is immeasurable in my book, and certainly for me 2012 is about making the most of this.

  31. Inspired by Stephen Hawking, a man with more restrictions than most but is a leading authority in his field, if only more people made the most of their situations and fought to see what they can achieve.

  32. Plan to close 50% of HM Coastguard Rescue stations & replace with 1 UK Call Center will add to delays in launching RNLI Crews, this in turn will make their job harder.

  33. The scrapping of MCA Tugs and letting commercial ones assist any vessel in difficulties will lead to another disaster like Penlee, as Union Star failed to agree assistance from Commercial Tug and ended up on the rocks!

  34. Great cause, the RNLI (wife ran the RNLI Reindeer Run 10K just before Christmas, this kids and I completed the Santa Saunter) – let’s hope you reach the 10oK mark. And here’s hoping for a interesting 2012, populated with moronic Daily Mail scaremongering stories like the volcano one earlier in the week, to keep us amused and derisory…

  35. Good luck with you record attempt! Hope you raise lots for ther RNLI 🙂
    I’ll tweet and FB this too to see if I can drum up extra support for you!

  36. Tref, the RNLI is a fantastic organization and I’m glad to be a part of helping raise funds for them (and of course making a world record!).

  37. “Life on a lifeboat isn’t much of a life. It is like an end game in chess, a game with few pieces. The elements couldn’t be more simple, nor the stakes higher.”
    ― Yann Martel, Life of Pi

    Good luck – Clive

  38. The sell off of UK SAR Helicopter assets to a private company will give conflict of ethics with one Rescue Service trying to make profit & the other trying to save lives on donations! RNLI Crews will be used as cheap canon fodder in Maritime Safety.

  39. All the best in your attempt from myself and other people at BTiNet.

    I personally look forward with hope and inspiration due to the people at Alder Hey Childrens Hospital who saved my little boys life.

  40. Well, I hope all the comments are unique ones. I’ve seen a distinct rise in comment spam in the last couple of months on my blog – and that’s with controls switched on.

    Here’s to reaching your goal!

  41. I grew up on the south Devon coast and still remember the maroons going up to signal the lifeboat crew. Brave, dedicated people doing a fantastic job. All the best with the record attempt Tref!

  42. Good luck Trefor. Oswestry’s not very near the coast, but the way it’s raining here I can see us maybe needing the RNLI!! All the best from BT iNet.

  43. Good Luck Trefor, think this is great idea for a good cause. Living in Scotland on the east coast i have seen the people of the RNLI do their stuff often, in the worst of conditions with little disregard for their own safety and wellbeing.
    Hope you break the record!

  44. Extreme Weather Events on the increase, more shipping will get in trouble. RNLI boats will face more challenging conditions & may not have back up of MCA Tugs or Rescue Helicopters as these set to be scrapped!

  45. People can’t keep putting ‘Good luck’ as they’re not unique comments, and neither are they a minimum of ten characters so surely won’t qualify?

  46. We can do it!

    In fact, this has just prompted me to sign up to the RNLI …… and I ended up buying some lovely gifts from the online shop.

  47. I have been supporting the RNLI for over 30years and never feared for crew safety as much as today with the plan to close 50% of UK Coastguard stations that coordinate all sea rescues. Loss of the vital Local knowledge will send crews search in wrong areas or even launching the wrong boats!

  48. Here’s my contribution to the cause 🙂

    Inspiration wise, I’d say that anyone who can follow their own map to do something innovative is a good example to look towards. I’ve been impressed with the Bus Tops ( project that Alfie Dennen, Paula Le Dieu and team are launching in London. It’s a creative way to provide art and non-commercial messages on the top of bus shelters, hopefully inspiring people in their daily lives.

  49. sings

    Dedication. Dedication. Dedication.
    That’s what you need.
    If you wanna be the best,
    and you wanna beat the rest.
    Oo-ooh! Dedications what you need.
    (Trumpet Solo)
    Dedications what you need.
    If you wanna be a record breaker. Record Breaker ooooooh!

  50. This is a brilliant idea! My biggest inspiration of the past year has been my good friend Ted Hall (@tedwardhall) founder of LGHTSRC and tireless supporter/co-ordinator of the Occupy protests. As wacky as he can seem, his diligence, dedication and conviction is always incredibly admirable and I wish him the most amazing 2012!

  51. Felt a bit guilty just commenting with ‘Good Luck’ so felt the need to add another!! Cant think of a more unique, fun way to raise funds and awareness of a very worthy cause. We are caravaners and wherever we go all over the country if we are near the coast, we make an effort to go and find the Lifeboat stations to make a donation.

  52. Having grown up in the Orkney Isles on the north coast of Scotland and with a father who was a volunteer on the local lifeboat i cannot stress highly enough what a good cause this is. Many was a night my father would be called out at 2am in 120mph winds to save total strangers at great personal risk.

    Great cause and here’s to the 100,000. Keep it up!

  53. More power to your blog – my father was in the Merchant Navy for 26 years so any opportunity to help the RNLI gets my vote. Also, as an ex-tech geek, soak testing some servers is a bit of nostalga thrown in.

    Good luck


  54. Hi Louise, what a small world. We used to have a Doral on B pontoon. Still go down to Cobbs as quite a few of our friends still have their boats down there so might bump into you one fine summers day!! 🙂

  55. This is a fantastic idea and I hope that you raise the money, and maybe a bit more for an important charity and overall cause! : )

  56. The men and women who man the life boats around this little island are an inspiration, one of my early memories is being woken up in the middle of the night by my father when the 2 cannons went off, we raced down to cheer the brave people who went out in all weathers to rescue fellow humans in distress, bravo, lets raise as much as possible.

  57. Its gathering pace. It would be interesting to see some stats later showing ramping of no of comments /min on a time line as the word spreads.

  58. Go go go! Good luck and thank you for the service you provide. My inspiration is my 5 year old daughter who is currently battling a rare cancer. Hopefully this year will see her better and cancer free. Her journey will be a long one – requiring hip replacements throughout her life because of her cancer – but she’s strong enough to do it! You can read her story at

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  60. My family is my inspiration, also anyone who has the confidence to fulfil their dreams whether big or small. In that vein good luck with today’s attempt!

  61. It is worth making an attempt to help such an institution like RNLI. You never know when you might need their help to save your life. Good luck

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  63. After last night’s lack of sleep, my current wish for 2012 is that I hope it’s less windy for the rest of the year! I may yet become more profound after more caffeine, and comment again…