scandalous incompetence or pure ignorance? – Dept of Work and Pensions

This post should be read with caution – see comment trail. I’ll leave it in place anyway as a historical reference :)

The DWP is sitting on a block of 16,777,216 IP addresses. That’s a /8 block of IPv4 addresses for those that understand these things, covering to

The point is that none of these addresses appear to be in use and their street value (psst wanna buy some clean IPv4?) is apparently between $0.5 and $1.5 Billion. RIPE, the European internet registry and curator of IP addresses is now eating into its last /8 and these kept by DWP would come in very handy.

Something needs to be done about this. It may well be that nobody at the DWP understand the value of what they are sitting on. Someone needs to write a memo on the subject and circulate it extensively around the department!

If you sign this petition it will help make them aware thereby helping to reduce the public deficit and my tax bill (and yours).

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