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MWC trip prep

MWC trip prep Getting my MWC trip prep in today before I set off tomorrow. I’ll probably do some reports from the show floor, fwiw, although the bars and restaurants may be more interesting. A few other mobile posts here.

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1951 exhibitors at #MWC2014

Yesterday when I signed in for Cloud Expo Europe the guy handing out the badges pointed out a “win an iPhone 5s free draw” for visiting the Telehouse (might have been Telecity – I no longer have the card) stand. All I had to do was take a scratchcard along and see if I’d won. […]

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Twitter highlights international nature of #MWC2014

Although we are engrossed in our own language version of life the one thing that has struck me regarding #MWC2014 is the totally international nature of it. We see all the reporting through the websites we use to access such things. However it’s only when you look at the twitter stream for the #MWC2014 hashtag […]

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Report from #MWC2014 – Mark Zuckerberg and the death of the Personal Computer

I see Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) is in Barca (short for Barcelona – common usage by  the mobile “in” people) for MWC 2014 (Mobile World Congress two thousand and fourteen). It’s the trendy place to be. You get to be part of the hype, the frenzy. In the run up you casually ask others […]

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Mobile World Congress 2017

Report from Mobile World Congress 2017 It’s been a busy few weeks with some highlights, not the least of which being our exit from Timico shareholding. It brings to an end what was a great journey. We started Timico in April 2004. I kind of retired after ten years or so but remained a shareholder. It […]

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Oh God it’s CES again

Hey anyone going to CES Las Vegas? The list of exhibitors at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas extends to 125 pages with 27 companies named on the front page. That’s a lot of exhibitors. You wonder who goes. Most media organisations with a tech section send someone. It’s probably mostly journalists plus exhibitors […]

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Breaking news – I bought a Microsoft PC – 5 broken laptops in our house

I bought a new Microsoft PC. It isn’t really breaking news because I mentioned it in a post last week. Ordinarily I’d keep quiet about such an acquisition because it is an embarrassment to have to resort to such retro technology. I only bought it because I have a single application that needs to run […]

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News around the world as it happens on #explosion116

Whiling away the time on Twitter end route from Manc to Linc and spotted this tweet: Liz Kreutz ‏@Liz_Kreutz  14s RT @madebyjuan: On my way to work and then BOOM! Building explosion collapse on 116th. NYC #explosion116 I clicked on the link to get a better look at the photo and found an interesting […]

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Samsung Galaxy S5 feature list examined

They are getting excited, the easily excitable. Supposedly the Samsung Galaxy S5 is being launched tonight at MWC2014 (see previous post for acronym explanation).  The Telegraph 1 is calling it one of the most anticipated phone launches of the year and goes on to fuel the rumour mill with a description of expected features. The Telegraph […]

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I am not in Barcelona but the UK needs to shift the debate to mobile

I am not at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona. I have had a number of emails asking for meetings at the exhibition. They obviously aren’t using the attendee list for their mailing. It’s ok though because almost every tech journalist I know is there and there will be a lot of coverage. It’s even made BBC […]