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Expert Technology Marketing

Technology marketing by talented people who understand the business of technology.

Who should use Technology Marketing?

Vendors looking to sell products and services into Network Operators, Cloud operators, ISPs and ITSPs/Communications Providers.

Network Operators, Cloud Operators, ISPs and ITSPs/Communications Providers looking to sell directly to businesses and to channel

Why use Technology Marketing?

Ever thought it would be nice to find people who really know what they are talking about when it comes to technology marketing. Ours is a specialist B2B service staffed by experts:

PR people who understand your business and can sell it to the media.

Copywriters who know your technology and your market and can turn your thoughts into words.

Media professionals with top level industry video content creation background

Graphics designers with years of experience in the advertising sector

Marketing professionals who can make you stand out of from crowd

Events organisers with experience ranging from small workshops and dinners right through to large scale conferences and celebrations

The has a full service Marketing Services team run by Trefor Davies who adds his technical and editorial seal of approval to their output. Check out his tech credentials here.

If nobody knows you are there how are you going to make money? Get your brand seen with


Content is the most important part of marketing your business today. Content is our core business. With over 2,500 blog posts and articles under our belt plus reams of technical white papers spec sheets and documentation we know what we are doing.

Our tech savvy creatives can turn your messaging into readable and meaningful words. What’s more with a huge number of industry contacts we can get the right expert input to help make your content compelling.

Content comes SEO ready to build your online reputation.


Professional video content that will enhance your brand image. Our video production team comes with blue chip credentials and a list of titles that appear in major global online properties. If you want a corporate video or just a bit of fun to enhance your social media marketing efforts we can do it. Check out some examples:

Corporate video for Adforesight – digital media business here.

Social media videos here

Social Media Marketing

Whether it’s guidance with your company blog, training for the troops or managing your social media presence that’s our space. We don’t believe in writing your blog for you because that’s your personal touch to your business. We can however help you put it together, come up with content ideas and turn your thoughts into readable material.

What’s the best strategy for your Twitter account? Should you have a Facebook Page or a LinkedIn group. We can help.


It’ all very well having good content but your own website might not have enough readers to maximise its effect. can help you structure your ideas to make them interesting to journalists and then push them to relevant publications. This way you maximise the chances of getting online exposure and getting your message across.

Within the team we have decades of experience of dealing with the media and getting high profile publicity for your company and products.

We also have guest editor weeks right here on where you can establish your own online credibility on specific subject matter.

Graphic Design

Looking for a new look? It’s not as easy as you might think. Our advertising industry graphics designers know how to build your image. Whether it’s a new logo or a whole new website talk to us.

Our lead designer has worked on some high profile brands in the automotive industry and created innovative displays for a campaign surrounding the London Marathon. Talk to us to find out more.


At we are famous for our stand out industry events and campaigns:

Pigeon v Broadband race got blanket TV and radio coverage and resulted in public statements from both BT and the Government.

Move Over IPv4 Bring on IPv6 Party to end all parties at the London Transport Museum, Covent Garden attracted 400 people from the UK internet technology scene together with a Government Minister who came along to give a keynote.

Most Comments on a blog post World Record attempt received over 5,500 comments in 24 hours and raised £6,000 for the RNLI

If you think these are all sexy high profile activities then you would be right. Most business needs may be more mundane than this but you needn’t for example let a boring trade show come between you and some stand out attractions.

Maybe you have a product launch to organise. A customer event? Talk to us. There’s nothing standard about the way we do events.

Asking the right questions long before you consider the answers. Getting to know your challenges, likes, dislikes and goals. Understanding that there are times for silence rather than noise, for touches rather than lavish gestures, cups of tea not glasses of champagne… (though champagne is ok 🙂 )

Your message standing out is what makes our service outstanding. event specialists work with a wide range of clients across various industry sectors organising VIP dinners for 20 to large conferences for 500+. Working alongside you as an extension to your internal team provides a full event service external solution to deliver a truly memorable delegate experience.

Producing results driven events, on budget, on message and ticking all the right boxes. This is what events is about.

Talk directly with Tref now on 07957 904477, via @tref on Twitter or by old fashioned email at [email protected].

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