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For anyone interested in listening in I am appearing on BBC Radio Lincolnshire at 18.30 hours today (Greenwich Mean Time). I am talking about the Data Retention Act which hit the BBC headlines on Friday and which has now been the subject of a couple of posts here and here.

This is not my first appearance on Radio Lincolnshire. However the last one was so long ago I think it was before CDs were invented and I was still playing with the Sinclair Spectrum Computer.

You can catch it on the internet on the BBC’s website at  I’m on “Drive Time with William Wright”. I’d be interested in any constructive feedback.

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This is the link for the listen again section of the radio show. It’s a three hour show and I am from 2 hrs 35 minutes (ish) to 2 hours 50 mins just to give you a feel for how far along to click.

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