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The UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS – see a number of previous posts) has published a questionnaire to get the thoughts of stakeholders on what the measures for success (of the committe’s work) should be. The responses that are received will then be fed into the discussion of the Executive Board on 3rd September.

This activity was kicked off last December. I don’t know when the questionnaire was published but it seems that me things are moving very slowly in the world of child internet safety. This has always been something of a concern to me. Unfortunately UKCCIS has a huge task on its plate and when beurocracy gets involved things grind away at a snail’s place.

It isn’t just UKCCIS. I think there has to be a gear change in the whole country when it comes to matters relating to the internet. It’s about competitiveness of UK PLC and also the fitness of the internet as an environment to work rest and play.

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