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#digitalbritain Under the Aegis of BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT

It’s worth taking a look at this blog post at It contains part of a talk given by @cyberdoyle, a regular commenter on at a session on #digitalbritain at the Royal Society organised by BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT . @cyberdoyle quite rightly maintains that the BET solution for broadband over long copper lines is inadequate.

The real point that is being hugely missed by Government and which I have mentioned more than once is that 2Mbps is totally inadequate as a speed for a Universal Service Obligation for broadband. Others quote 40Mbps or more as being where it should be. I believe we should be pitching for 1Gbps. If this is not achievable short term then if we lay the national corporate fibre infrastructure then it will be doable sooner rather than later by upgrading the equipment at either end of the fibre.

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USO became USC – commitment not obligation. So put whatever number you like there it doesn’t matter if there is no real drive to meet it.

Why define a country by the minimum speed we will deliver? If every home had fibre then every home would have equality of access – isn’t that more important? Do I get less electricity because I live in the country? So why should I expect less broadband?

Surely a basic principle of life – particularly of those we strive to follow – is to set the bar high and to do everything possible to reach it? If Government and large corporates cannot step up to deliver a Digital Britain then it is up to us, the people, the communities, to do it. @cyberdoyle is a great example of someone who is prepared to get up and JFDI – an example we should follow.

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