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Call for FTTC trialists

If anyone is interested in taking part in a high speed broadband trial using FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) could they please drop me a line.

You have to live in Whitchurch (Cardiff), Muswell Hill or Glasgow Halfway. The service is good for 5Megs up and 40 Megs down (subject to the usual caveats – line length etc) and we will guarantee 15Megs down. You need to have an available analogue line.

I’m offering a free trial to those wanting to participate. I don’t have a restriction in numbers but will play this by ear – if I get hundereds of people put their hand up I might have to be picky. The trial will only be for a fixed period that I have yet to determine but hey, it’s free… That’s free 40Mbps broadband. Fill yer boots.

For those that don’t know this is the first manifestation of the £1.5B investment being made by BT to the initial fibre roll out in the UK. It isn’t going to get to everyone but I will publish the road map as soon as I get permission from BT to do so.

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Great stuff. Paving the way for fibre to the home, one step closer. Wishing you great success and hope the last bit via copper isn’t too restricting, way to go, bring it on. If you pick people close to the cabinet they should get a great connection and will sell the idea to others. Thats the way to make sure people get IT. Do wish you could put a cabinet in our village! It would be great to get more than half a meg shared between loads of folk. It would be great to stream a video, Even a low res one on youtube won’t load. Those lucky people… hope they see your offer and take you up on IT!

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