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Hosted VoIP shootout at Convergence Summit South

I’m off shooting next week. At least I’m off to a hosted VoIP shootout at Comms Business Magazine’s Hosted Telephony Shootout.  Held at Sandown Park Racecourse on Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th this promises to be quite an exciting event.

When I originally said yes to the invite I thought it was just a VoIP demo like every other VoIP demo, of which I have done hundreds. Having just read the spiel (well in advance I hasten to add – you have to go into these things well prepared) I realise now that I am actually demoing the whole set up and provisioning process.

I haven’t really had to do that for a good four years – since we grew big enough to have a team dedicated to this type of thing. However fear not!  It is actually so easy to provision an user on our VoIP platform that I could almost do it blindfold.  Note I am not offering to do that as part of the Shootout.  Dramatic effects are one thing but blindfolds are usually only worn when you are facing a firing squad.

Anyway if you are at the Convergence Summit South next week come and see me set up a couple of VoIP phones and also demoing our online customer portal.

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