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Talk with TalkTalk Technology Chairman Neil McArthur

Very enjoyable chat with Neil McArthur, Chairman of Talk Talk Technology Group. Neil was one of the original team at Opal before they were bought by Carphone Warehouse and is the architect of the CPW Next Gen network.

I was very impressed with their broadband technology network, a dual 400Gig ring that comes with all the MPLS bells and whistles. I have to say that having seen it they have the potential to be a real force to be reckoned with.

They have come from a long way behind the incumbent and have made great strides from the days of the launch of the CPW LLU play, six months or so before it was actually ready.

They could potentially, given a level playing field with BT Openreach, become a real competitor to BT Wholesale. My position up until now has been that the only game in town is going to be BT with potentially a broadband technology competitor made up of Virgin and ANO.

It makes me think that the complete spin off of BT Openreach from the parent Group is essential to ensure this level playing field. The regulator could concentrate on ensuring fair play the local loop and let the battle happen at the wholesale network level, in the business market at least. It does make me suspicious of BT’s efforts to keep Openreach in house.

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