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Timico abandons Chinese expansion plans

With all the fuss in the press about Google and their possible exit from the Chinese market I got a timely email this morning from the (a?) Chinese Domain Name registry.

We are the department of registration service in China. we have something need to confirm with you. We formally received an application on February 03,2010, One company which self-styled “LSHB Technology PLC” are applying to register “Timico” as Network Brand and Domain Names as below :
After our initial examination, we found that the Network Brand applied for registration are as same as your company’s name and trademark. These days we are dealing with it, hope to get the affirmation from your company. If your company and this “LSHB Technology PLC” as the same company, there is no need reply to us, We will accept their application and will register those for them immediately.

If your company has no relationships with that company nor do not authorized, please reply to us within 7 workdays, if we can’t get any information from yours over 7 workdays,we will unconditionally approve the application submitted by “LSHB Technology PLC”. Thanks for your cooperation.

Best Regards,

Amanda Hua
Senior Consultant

I could respond to this in a number of ways, in the first instance by simply ignoring it as the clever marketing scam that it is. I could also reply politely telling them that I am flattered that Timico is sufficiently on the map to be imitated by organisations in other countries but to go ahead and sell them the domains. 

Alternatively I could put out a press release in support of Google with a public affirmation that Timico has pulled its plans to move into China. I can think of better places to start our overseas expansion anyway: the Maldives, the Caribbean (that’s Carrribbean to American readers), Wales. 

Only kidding.  We already operate in Wales…

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Tref. I had a similar email with our domain name and a Google search pointed to your site. I suspected a scam and you confirmed that. I had a similar scam from a so-called Hong Kong registry a few months back.

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