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NetOps roll out BS6008 internally in trials

As part of our process of continuous improvement the Timico Network Operations team has adopted BS6008 as an internal standard. In the absence of 100% accurate measurement tools we are currently having to use best efforts (ie a teaspoon) which does prevent us from gaining official certification.

However I am looking at the business case for investing in new kit (scales) for next year which might qualify us for formal certification, or at least self certification if we don’t believe the additional investment in the certification test is merited.  We will just have to wait and see what is left in the tea kitty.

I realise that everyone will be intimately familiar with the details of BS6008 but just in case you aren’t I have reproduced the key bits of the standard below and also provided a link for the full document.

BS6008:1980 – ISO title: Tea — Preparation of liquor for use in sensory tests

Fill the pot containing the tea with freshly boiling water to within 4 to 6 mm of the brim (i.e. corresponding approximately to 285 ml in the case of the large pot and 140 ml in the case of the small pot described in the Annex) and put on the lid. Allow the tea to brew for 6 min, and then, holding the lid in place so that the infused leaf is held back, pour the liquid through the serrations into the bowl (5.2) corresponding to the pot selected.

Whether you like it black or with milk is up to you but at least the base drink will be top notch. Long live PG Tips. Also you might want to invest in a water filter – I don’t care but the girls in the office swear by it.

The number in brackets corresponds to an illustration in the actual standard.

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