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Diet of mince speeds Stephen Timms on way to recovery #deact

Former Digital Britain Minister Stephen Timms was stabbed today whilst conducting a surgery in his constituency in East Ham. It is sad that this risk must be a by product of  public service for MPs.

Whilst I didn’t support what Stephen Timms did with the Digital Economy Act I did recognise that I was dealing with a good and honest man, regardless of whether we agreed with each other on what he was doing.

I’m sure that we all wish him a speedy recovery.

PS I’m sure he would appreciate it if anyone has a CD or two to lend him whilst he is in hospital. Hospital radio must get a bit repetitive.  No home made compilations please. Let’s be sensitive now.

Not to mention the mince…

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3 replies on “Diet of mince speeds Stephen Timms on way to recovery #deact”

I am one of Stephen’s adversaries regarding the digital economy act, which is the most stupid bill of all time to get through parliament. However I do know that he is a real good living man, and I think it is a crying shame this should happen to him. It must have been a nutter that did it, that is the only explanation I can think of for such an action. I hope it isn’t too serious and he makes a speedy recovery.
Although he followed the party line with the deact I am sure deep down he knew it was crap, he is one of the few MPs who knows tech, and we need as many of them as we can get, of all parties, because so few get IT. Get Well Soon Mr Timms.

Have to agree – At the end of the day Stephen Timms is nothing more than the delivery boy for Mandleson and Stephen I think does indeed mean well not to mention is a lot more intelligent than he might be given credit for at times. His technical background suggests he would indeed have an opinion on the DEACT and I’d love to know what he thinks off the record as much as on it 😉

No one deserves to be stabbed simply because they are doing a public service and some nut case disagrees with that.

I don’t know what the intent was behind the attackers actions but I hope Stephen Timms makes a very quick recovery and I wish him and his family well.


I wish him well.

He wished industry would come forward with something better, knowing Ofcom would have a consultation to work out the detail.

Industry could and still can, exclude dis-connection from the technical measures, 2) offer to use the same measures it uses at peak times to target the 5% of folk who do most of the damage, and 3) align their so called Fair use policies with solving the worst excesses of downloading illegally and 5) I bet their is something simple on the uploading that could be done – search my shared folder for illegal copyright service.

The dogs dinner of DEA finds its orgins in the EU Telecoms Package – provisions of which were supported by Telcoes and UK Gov

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