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The BT Broadband Interviews – Part 5 – Future Capabilities

Final part of an interview recorded for BT for their FTTC launch.

Trefor Davies

By Trefor Davies

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2 replies on “The BT Broadband Interviews – Part 5 – Future Capabilities”

Once we have fibre to the premises there shouldn’t be as many problems. Unless a line is actually cut it should just work?
I can see this brave new world happening in the cities, but not for people in more rural areas. What hope for them?
If government would make a level playing field it would help, and file legislation stating that if BT openretch aren’t going to use the ducts and poles from the legacy copper phone network then they should be compulsory purchased and communities and councils should be able to use them to run fibre to the final third. They may not make ‘as much’ money as in urban areas but they will sleep better.

cyberdoyle, again, thinks calling BT Openreach something else will help her cause, but just makes her look silly.

It would be helpful if cd understood more about networks.

The proposals for duct sharing are clear. Where would these unused poles be?

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