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ISPA Awards Internet Villain and Internet Hero Finalists Announced

ISPA, the Internet Service Providers’ Association, has announced the finalists for the 2010 Internet Hero and Internet Villain awards. Among the finalists are Lords Mandelson and Clement Jones, Tom Watson MP and the campaigning group 38 Degrees.

The highly-prized Internet Hero award is bestowed upon an organisation or individual who has made a significant contribution to the Internet industry in the past year, whilst the dreaded title of Internet Villain recognises those that ISPA feels have had a negative impact upon the sector.

The winners of the two special awards will be selected from the finalists based on votes by members of the ISPA Council. They will be announced, along with the winners of the twelve other ISPA awards, at a glittering awards ceremony hosted at the London Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square on Thursday 8th July.

ISPA Awards 2010 Internet Hero and Villain finalists:

Internet Hero – sponsored by Eclipse Internet

  • Bridget Fox – For organising a grass roots challenge to the Digital Economy Bill
  • – for showing the value of datasets and how the public can utilise government information
  • Tom Watson MP, and all those who showed up to vote against the DE Bill, for their informed opposition to the Bill
  • Zip It, Block It, Flag It campaign – for focusing on internet safety for parents and young children
  • 38 Degrees Campaign – for mobilising public opposition to the Digital Economy Bill

Internet Villain

  • ACS Law – for their aggressive, heavy-handed approach to targeting alleged copyright infringement via P2P networks
  • The European Commission and the Council of Ministers – for conducting ACTA negotiations in a secretive manner and for failing to engage with stakeholders on an issue that is of vital importance for Europe’s digital economy
  • Lord Clement-Jones – for introducing amendment 120a to the Digital Economy Bill without sufficient research or understanding of the consequences
  • Lord Mandelson – for ignoring principles of better regulation to amend an open consultation following lobbying from an interest group
  • UK Parliament – for allowing the Digital Economy Bill to pass through the Commons without proper debate

There are quite a few deserving cases for both awards this year.  As I am one of the select body of individuals chosing the winners please leave your comments suggesting how I should use my votes:)

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2 replies on “ISPA Awards Internet Villain and Internet Hero Finalists Announced”

My hero would be Tom Watson. He gets IT. And the other MPs who turned up to vote against the stupid digital economy bill.

My main villain would be the dark lord mandelson. But all of the ones on your villain list have been well chosen. The biggest bunch of dinosaur crooks gotham city has ever seen.

Good choices, but he Open Rights Group should’ve been a finalist IMO. They’ve done an awful lot to oppose the Digital Economy Bill and the 38 Degrees campaign was created in conjuction with them.

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