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My mobile phone, an N97, ran out of battery yesterday. It normally lasts 2 days but there was a network problem and it kept searching for a GPRS signal. It wan’t really the phone’s fault but it does go to show that battery technology has still some way to go with mobiles, especially as we are trying to do more with the device.

The N97 is supposed to be targeted at consumers.  It has a 30Gig hard drive so all my music fits on it. It also has a nice Facebook widget and I regularly use the camera, the voice recorder and make notes.

I don’t really see a difference between consumer and business applications for these high end phones. People want to listen to music whilst on the move with work.  Business people take photos (mine are usually for the blog), make recordings and notes (I do it because I can never remember things otherwise), update twitter, pick up mails, VPN into the office network etc etc etc.

At Timico there is an increasing demand for the iPhone from our business customers. In fact I think that consumer technology has outpaced what is provided specifically for business use so it makes sense that business people want to use consumer tools.

The iPad is not currently a business tool but that type of device will soon be used by business for all sorts of mobility applications.  Whether the Apple device specifically is it will depend on the applications that reside on it – I suspect not.

It is all going to be highly reliant on connectivity, and battery life, and cost, and functionality, and ease of use, and I’m sure the list goes on…  Anyway all that stemmed from the battery running out on my N97 – streams of thought:)

PS the N97 is the best phone I have had so far.

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I tried to use an iPad for business purposes, it was worse than useless. The OSD keypad isn’t fluid or tactile like a proper keyboard to use, typing is slow but that is a matter of adaption. The biggest problems I had were with the lack of screen space – especially when trying to type, an inability to easily edit/move images for media into my CMS, gave me neck ache when trying to use it on my lap and in fact doing almost any kind of basic business activity was a pain.

The iPad is nice if what you want is a massive scaled-up iPhone (recommend trying to use it as an iPhone when at the pub for giggles.. or possibly to get mugged) that does the basic email and web browsing stuff easily. For true office work, sorry but I’m back on the netbook and laptop for that, heck I really need at least a 20″ display to work efficiently.

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