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Real time tube map of London Underground

There are lots of bad things about the wild wild web but the good things can seriously outweigh them.

This morning I picked this up off twitter. It is, as near as matters, a live map of the London Underground system showing the real time positions of trains. It is in the same vein as the live air traffic control map that I posted about during the volcanic ashcloud crisis. If nothing else it is a bit of fun but it does show the power of technology.

You might want to bookmark this post so that you can compare what it looks like during one of the periodic tube strikes. Clicking here links to a real time version and a bit more information about its creator, Matthew Somerville and how it came about.

It occurs to me that Phileas Fogg would have given anything to have this type of information at his fingertips.  I’m sure it has probably already been done but it would be good to plan a round the world trip based purely on information available on the internet. Yellow pins are stations, red are trains.

I’m sure that the good commuters of London would like to have access to this during the substantial part of their lives they spend on the underground. You need an internet connection for it to work though – now there’s an idea…

"real time" tube train information
"real time" tube train information on the London Underground
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4 replies on “Real time tube map of London Underground”

Once we all have a ubiquitous internet connection it will be amazing what we can do with it. Until that time we wait until a government has the courage to make it happen and break the copper cabal that is holding us back…

At least that one would have fewer pins – they would all be grouped together to represent the number of buses that arrive at the same time 🙂

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