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100GigE std ratified but 10Gig is still where it is at

The IEEE has just ratified the 100GigE standard. We all knew it was coming. It was foretold.  I’m not that excited though.  I doubt that many people are because 100GigE is currently in the domain of the few. Not many networks have enough traffic to merit using it.

What I am excited about is our own plans to roll out 10GigE across our core network. For me this is a big step forward. Having started an ISP 5 years ago with a 1Gig core it is quite  a momentous event. It is being driven by the amount of high speed Ethernet connections being sold to businesses in the UK. There is literally an explosion of them. I have more bandwidth orders in provisioning for the next three months than sold in the previous 5 years.

We are in the UK, I believe, currently seeing a new wave of connectivity in the same way that broadband has grown over the past few years.  Broadband has levelled off but in the business world there is a hunger for faster and more reliable connections.

For us the 10Gig investment actually gives us up to 40Gig of capacity and represented a major board level decision. This is not a low cost play. The decison on where to spend valuable capital is sometimes a gamble, albeit one based on careful research. I don’t think this one is such a risk.  There is a lot of business out there.  You just have to have the right funds to buy into the game.

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2 replies on “100GigE std ratified but 10Gig is still where it is at”

Great stuff, Timico leading the way for others to follow. I agree, more is the new black.
Trying to move a large PDF to a customer today who couldn’t access it cost me time and money and him more so… (he blamed the footie). He was quite patient, but the cost to business in this country for all the time spent waiting must add up to quite a lot.

Good stuff – where i am now have been using 10GigE for the last 4-5 years, they are biting at the bit to get 100GigE – so i will let them know its been retified if they are not on the ball …

Now what equipment can i get them to order for me to play with 😉

Atlas started with a 64k/bit line in the office, how things change ! 🙂

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