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Julian Huppert MP Early Day Motion needs help #DEAct #digitalbritain #DEBill

On 25th May Julian Huppert MP tabled an Early Day Motion calling for the repeal the Digital Economy Act 2010. To date only 34 MPs have supported it!

It is hard to see what we can do to raise the profile of this issue, other than by continually banging on about it. We may have to wait for some high profile failures of the process, by which time of course the ISP industry will have spent a fortune implementing the systems required under the Act.

In the words of the EDM “large repercussions for consumers, civil liberties, freedom of information and access to the internet”

The suffragettes used to chain themselves to railings and throw themselves under horses.  This is not worth losing a life for but there must be a way.

Trefor Davies

By Trefor Davies

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2 replies on “Julian Huppert MP Early Day Motion needs help #DEAct #digitalbritain #DEBill”

Agree, there must be a way, but damned if I can think of one. The MPs don’t understand the act, and party whip brings them all into line quite easily as seen in the washup.
Until they get IT we are being led by a passel of dinosaurs.

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