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ISPA Awards 2010 Winners

Here’s a list of winners from last night’s ISPAs. I have to declare some involvement in that I voted for both “successful” Hero and Villain and that NewNet, winner of the Best Dedicated Hosting category,  is a Timico Group business – well done lads. I’m proud of you 🙂

Best Shared Hosting winner is: Namesco

The judges were impressed with Namesco’s high level of customer satisfaction, with good use of security and technical support complemented by a clear pricing structure.

Best Dedicated Hosting winner is: NewNet

In an extremely competitive category, the judges decided that NewNet’s wide product range, provision of 24/7 technical support and a dedicated account manager set them apart from their competitors.

The Best Internet Telephony winner, sponsored by Magrathea, is: Gradwell

The judges agreed that Gradwell’s use of new media to interact with and help their customers made them stand out from their competitors in this category. Furthermore, the clear communication with its customers made Gradwell the worthy winner.

The Best Mobile Broadband winner is: FREEDOM4 WiFi

Winning for the second year running, the judges felt that Freedom4 Wifi made the best use of technology to offer the various connectivity options to suit both business and leisure travellers.

The Best Business Customer Service winner is: Claranet

The judges agreed that Claranet were worthy winners as they showed they had a clear path to resolving issues as they arose through industry standard methodologies and the latest technology.

The Best Consumer Customer Service winner, sponsored by, is: Plusnet

The judges were impressed with the effective way that Plusnet handled complaints, including flexibility in how customers can contact them, and were particularly impressed with the way Plusnet provided a geographic number for consumers to contact the company, setting them apart from other finalists.

The Access Innovation Award winner is: Cybermoor

The judges felt that Cybermoor deserved the inaugural award for delivering next generation broadband to a community that would not otherwise have received access to such broadband and for its community-based approach. The judges were impressed by the entrants to this new category and want to see it expanded next year as it shows the way companies and individuals can go beyond what’s expected of them.

The Internet Safety Award winner is: Childnet

The judges agreed that Childnet deserved to win as their work is focused on all those involved in making the internet a safer place – children, parents and teachers – and liked the way the Internet was portrayed in a positive light.

The Digital Inclusion Award winner, in association with Race Online 2012 and sponsored by Plusnet, is: Bolton Literacy Trust

The Race Online 2012 judges felt that Bolton Literacy Trust stood out among the entries, both for its longevity and for its impact. The scheme has touched the lives of more than 1,000 people in the eight years it’s been running, ranging from the elderly, those with mental health problems, teenage parents and asylum-seekers. It’s a great example of how local organisations can use computers and the Internet.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Award winner is: Orange

The judges felt that Orange were the worthy winners as they clearly involve their staff in CSR as well as devoting money to the work. The judges also commended the efforts they made on behalf of young people.

The Best Business Fixed Broadband winner is: Claranet

In a competitive field this year, the judges decided that Claranet’s use of both asymmetric and symmetric broadband made them stand out from the competition. Claranet’s focus on business-to-business was also commended by the judges.

The Best Consumer Fixed Broadband winner, sponsored by F-Secure, is: Be Broadband

In this fiercely competitive category, the judges commented that Be Broadband had clear pricing structures and offered good value for money. The judges also felt that Be Broadband stood out due to its bonding and contention.

The Internet Villain is: Lord Mandelson

The ISPA Council decided that Lord Mandelson was a deserved winner of the villain award for ignoring principles of better regulation to amend an open consultation following lobbying from an interest group – no prizes for guessing which one.

The Internet Hero, sponsored by Eclipse Internet, is: Tom Watson MP

ISPA Council members bestowed the Internet Hero Award upon Tom Watson MP for leading the opposition to the parliamentary fight against the Digital Economy Bill and continuing the campaign to ensure an informed approach to the Act.

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