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Gmail Priority Inbox – why wouldn’t you use it?

My email experience is a divided one. I use Microsoft Outlook for work stuff and I use gmail for play. Actually that isn’t entirely true as uses gmail but that is a kind of hybrid work/play site.

New in at Google is the Gmail Priority Inbox which prioritises your mails for you. Google’s anti spam service is probably the best in the business and I never get spam on (in all fairness the service used by Timico is also pretty good but I never get spam using gmail).

This is because Google has such a fantastic antispam engine and because it carries so many mails on a daily basis that it learns very quickly what is and isn’t a spam mail.

This same learning process is applied to the new Priority mailbox service. When I signed up for the service Google ran a test on existing emails in my inbox and to my amazement it was spot on. It deprioritised mails from Facebook, for example, and marked blog comments awaiting moderation as important.

As I use it I know it will also get better.

Google ad over.

4 replies on “Gmail Priority Inbox – why wouldn’t you use it?”

agree. gmail is the db of mail servers. I love it, and the priority mailbox is fantastic. only had it a day and it is already spot on. It worries me that google is getting so much control of my life… but I can’t find anything better to use.

Mine is miles out. It’s got 1 marked as important and that’s from Gmail! Yet there are at least 15 today alone that require urgent attention and are part of lengthy and recent conversations.

Priority inbox may well prove a massive problem for email marketers though. I blogged about that recently.

I’m not going to use it because I already have Multiple Inboxes turned on and.. it’d be messy with that. I’ve set up about 50 filters/rules in GMail over the years to do all of this prioritizing for me (and I add more, as necessary). If I were starting from fresh, though, it seems like a great idea, but I already have “a system” and I’m getting old enough to want to stick with it.. for now 😉

Fair enough. I only started with gmail a year or so ago. I wanted to explore two worlds so I ave both my head in the google cloud and my feet firmly on the microsoft ground. That isn’t to say the ground isn’t shifting…

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