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08452860706 keyword has attracted 346 visits to in September

The search keyword  08452860706 has attracted 346 visits to this month.  This was a surprise because the most popular keywords by far relate to FTTC.

08452860706 takes people to a blog post concerning mobile spam from a company called DXI Easycall. It would appear that this problem is fairly prevalent and presumably unpopular.

These visitors, none of whom have visited the site before,  don’t stay long though – 21 seconds compared with the site average this month of 1 minute 44 seconds.  Just long enough I guess to find out the culprit and move on.

2 replies on “08452860706 keyword has attracted 346 visits to in September”

This is a company asking “have you or a memeber of your family been involved in an accident?” – There are 2 options, Option 2 is to have your number removed from their call list – which is what I pressed.

These cold callers are a pain in the arse!

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