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Who will win the Nomura Varsity Match at Twickenham today?

Lincoln Rugby Club in the snow at the Lindum, December 2010

I’m off to the rugby today so this is a pre-recorded message. It’s the Varsity Match – the annual Oxford v Cambridge battle. Rugby isn’t really something you can play on a frozen pitch and apart from under-pitch heating or a covered roof there isn’t much that technology can do to prevent the game being cancelled if that is to be its fate. I don’t know at the time of writing.

Fortunately I’m not slumming it in the sub-zero artic conditions. I’m going to be having lunch in the Spirit of Rugby restaurant with a few drinks in the members lounge. The dress code is “number ones” so I will probably wear my Parliamentary Lions South Africa Tour blazer with perhaps my Pirates tie.

I’ve never been in the Royal Box before so I don’t know whether the seats are heated. Almost certainly not but don’t worry I will wrap up warm. As for the match? I don’t care who wins – I went to Bangor University where I am still a member of the Engineering Department’s Industrial Panel.

I’m sure that the sport itself will be the winner and I expect the internet will continue to grow without my help for a day.

The picture in the header is of my home club – Lincoln – games are off at the moment!

PS yes you are right – it is unashamed name dropping 🙂

PPS thanks to Alex Murphy for the tickets

PPPS if the match is cancelled don’t worry – I’m sure we will stay warm and usefully occupied

PPPPS (and this is definately the last one) – it’s my birthday today – thought you’d want to know 🙂

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