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sms going nowhere? – that’ll be everything everywhere

On the tenth of May I sent pal @deanelwood an sms – did he want a beer after work?  He didn’t reply.  Hmm I thought. Poor guy must either be in hospital in intensive care or away on holiday and is offline – after all everybody needs to switch off sometimes.

He got the sms yesterday – that’s 16 days later. Mine was not the only delayed one which was somewhat of  relief. He told me that the delays are apparently down to network integration issues at Everything Everywhere.  I’m sure they will get it fixed but this does leave them open to quips such as “nothing anywhere”:)

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have similar issues with T-mobile (sic) Orange.

I despair at the quality of mobile networks these days – happy to charge and sell more services, features and new gadgets but can’t then give you a half decent service to make it all work well. And don’t even start me on the issue of HTC battery life. 😉

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