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Dan Summers UK Cybersecurity Champion

Meet @Dantiumpro aka Dan Summers, UK National Cybersecurity Champion.  Dan came to stay with the Davies family on Saturday night and we went out for a few beers to belatedly celebrate his win.

I met Dan through Twitter and, believe it or not, this was our first physical meeting.  In fact we only decided to do it that lunchtime via Twitter – he had the day off on Sunday. Dan currently works as a postman for the Royal Mail in Wakefield but following his victory, in which he beat off 4,000 contenders, he is moving departments to look after Information Security for the Royal Mail Group.

It’s a great story and clearly Dan is no ordinary postman. The competition involved cracking ciphers to break through different layers of security. I’d tell you more but it’s on a need to know basis:)  Dan is no one trick pony.  He is also a poet and has started contributing to philosopherontap under the pseudonym Dantiumpro which happens also to be his Twitter handle.

It’s good to know that the Royal Mail is going to be secure in his hands. Note they are making him deliver the mail right up until next Saturday after which he gets one day off before starting the new job.

It’s also good to know I have a very understanding wife who puts up with these spur of the moment houseguest decisions:)


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