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FTTC Broadband Cabinet Update – New Photos

The photos I have been using for FTTC broadband cabinets were just not the right ones.  Thanks to reader Andrew Benham I have been able to rectify this and include below some new ones for your pleasure and entertainment.  I particularly like the one with the smaller older cabinet which is not FTTC, buried in the undergrowth. Don’t ask me why, it’s a personal thing.

You can see there is a significant size difference between the two types of cab. Click on each photo, including the one in the post header for bigger versions.  FTTC is the most popular subject for searches on this blog.


photos:  Andrew Benham who has kindly offered then on a copyright free basis

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[…] Three photos – first one showing a “normal” street cabinet next to a FTTC cabinet. The latter is much larger to be able to take the DSLAM kit. Exciting stuff eh? Thanks to BT for the pics.  Edit much later – the bottom cab is definitely an FTTC cab.  However the other two are not – pics came from BT so error somewhere in the process. Thanks to reader Andrew Benham for pointing this out.  Thanks also to Andrew for the photos now inserted in this alternative and more recent post. […]

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