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I’ve ordered a Samsung Galaxy S3

I’ve ordered a Samsung Galaxy S3. I don’t know if it is the right thing to do. Part of me says moving to a new phone means that you should be moving to a significantly better device – I have an S2. Every new phone seems to be “just an iteration” of the incumbent spec. Certainly that’s how it seems with the iPhone and also with other devices that Samsung has brought out since the S2. I’m still on the original iPad!

On the other hand we live in a very fast moving world where even the smallest competitive edge can make a real difference. Can we ascribe this to our use of smartphones? I don’t know, perhaps. I think the S3 probably has just enough on the S2 to make it worth the upgrade. I need to do it because otherwise before I know it everyone else will have moved on to the S7 or S8 and I’ll be so far behind the times I will really have to think of packing it all in.

New features, according to the millions of people who have already evaluated the device,  to include improved voice control and the ability to recognise when you are looking at the screen so that it doesn’t go to sleep when you are using it.

In my mind the holy grail is when the phone can do everything at your behest. Part of this process is being able to recognise what you are saying. I wonder how much of this is just down to processing power? If the phone had the same performance as the latest supercomputer would I already be telling to it talk to the plumber to get that leak fixed, arrange my dental appointments and buy my wife a birthday present. It’s got to be the way forward.

The S3 won’t do that for me I’m sure but I’ll be finding out soon.  My wife, by the way, is a perfect foil to all this. She still uses her Nokia 6230 which came out in Q1 2004. It’s had one replacement battery in all that time. When I was a kid we had a Hoover washing machine. It lasted 25 years with only one major repair. Ah the good old days when life expectancy was lower but time went by more slowly 🙂 Anyway I’ve ordered a Samsung Galaxy S3.

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At least Tref you are honest about it and have not “dropped it” “by accident” and thus require a new one 😉


BTW – In marriage you only ever forget your wife’s birthday/wedding anniversary once – trust me!

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