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iPhone5 – why would you want to buy it? #4G #LTE

The iPhone5 est arrive. This year has seen a long list of major events come and go. Now it’s the turn of the iPhone5. Ordinarily this would do nothing for me. From what I can see the spec, in the main, is no better than the Samsung GalaxyS3. I’m not a zombie fanboi, activated by keywords in Apple marketing material, programmed to obey unquestioningly, asking only how much money to profer on the altar of the fruit.

The one feature that the iPhone5 has that makes me think about getting it is support for 1,800MHz. This is a massive coup for EE (eh?). We don’t have a real list of LTE alternative handsets yet. All the main manufacturers are on the list. I don’t want two S3s (my current phone is an S3 on O2) and I don’t see a compelling enough reason to go Lumia.

My attitude to Lumia might change when Windows8 is properly launched but for the moment it aint. So it looks like iPhone5 then.

I’m not totally convinced. Do I really want to toss my principles aside for the sake of using a LTE service that won’t work in my home town using a handset that won’t roam on any other network?

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I think I will since I will be replacing my iPhone 3GS which is starting to run very slowly in iOS 5!

But I am going to wait until 4G has been rolled out in Nottm. Im a little disappointed with no NFC but has that really taken off? have shown a LTE version of the S3 but im dubious at this stage considering the issues you have had with the model …

I’m the same, not overly fussed about the specs apart from the “allegedly” better low light camera, decent battery life and LTE.

Living in London I’ll in theory get access to the faster speeds so that’s definitely a draw, however I’m going to wait until the new Nexus device is released and go from there. Still interesting watching though. 🙂

I really wanted Apple to come up with something that would tempt me away from Android as I have no loyalty, I purely go on features, ease of use with existing services, performance etc etc.

Apple have failed again in my eyes, I don’t see anything major this has over my aging Galaxy S2 (admittedly with a custom Jelly Bean ROM for the most up to date features), apart from 4G. To be fair though, even that’s of questionable use to me. I can stream HD content to my S2 with no problem over HSDPA+.

Such a shame considering all the hype and rumours about what it was going to be.

From a programmer point of view, Android still has more to catch up with iOS. Because the iOS framework is being built in such way that programmer can develop apps nicely. I have started to use Java (main language for Android app development) about 10 year ago and it’s been just over two years for iOS development. But I really like to develop apps for iOS than Android. Also if you want to earn some money from apps then you need think about Apple AppStore first.

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