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Alex and Andy Smile for the camera

I’ve just come up for air after having my head down in my PC all day. It’s getting dark out. It’s just started raining – I can hear it on the roof of the office – one of the downsides of having the penthouse suite.

Welcome to winter. I hope you have your warm, waterproof coat ready and plenty of fuel ordered to keep you going through to spring. A car drives by with its headlights on. It is around 4pm.

All of a sudden the only sounds I hear are the rain, the air conditioning (climate control) and my laptop’s hard drive.

All sounds a bit melodramatic doesn’t it?…

PS at this point I usually get up and go and make a cup of tea. The office is vibrant and buzzing and brightly lit. The phones are humming and Alex and Andy, two of the best sales guys in the industry, smile for the camera.

That’s all. My tea has brewed. C ya.


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