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Goooooood Morning – one Weetabix or two?

how many weetabix do you have for breakfast?It’s Tuesday morning and you find me full of beans, enthusiasm and a thirst for life. Outside it is a nice minus two degrees Centigrade and there is a hard frost but the sun has risen above the horizon and is doing its utmost to drive the low lying mist from the Lincolnshire fields. V pictureskew.

Driving in, work continues on the Lincoln bypass and there seem to be more men in high viz jackets than usual, all staring down holes and contemplating their fate. They are clearly trying to make progress before the Christmas break and it made me glad for once that I had the comfort of my office (panoramic windows & sweeping vistas over the car park etc) to get to.

As I walked in the the office I called in on the marketing department and happened to be carrying a new box of Weetabix for the purpose of breaking my fast. Suzie, who is our highly intelligent Head of Marketing with, as I recall, a degree in French posed a question that with hindsight made me think.

“How many Weetabixes do I have for breakfast?” She also asked a supplementary which was “do I eat my Weetabix when it is still firm or when it has gone soft” .

These are seriously good questions and I easily answered that I have two biscuits, thank you very much, accompanied by a banana (sliced) and upon reflection I tend to eat my Weetabix at the inflection point. ie the point at which it is about to turn from firm to soggy. I’m not sure I could eat it fast enough to have finished the lot before it went soggy but that is by the by.

The notion that some people might eat more (or less) than two biscuits had never occurred to me but is certainly food for thought1.

My question to you, dear reader and before I move on to weightier matters such as the Draft Communications Data Bill Report that was released this morning,  is how do you like your Weetabix or do you have an alternative preference for breakfast?

1 sorry – couldn’t resist that one

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7 replies on “Goooooood Morning – one Weetabix or two?”

Not a weetabix fan actually, although we do have them in the house for the use of the missus who is a bit partial to them. She eats two and not only lets them go soggy but mashes them down to make a sort of goo.

I’m a porridge man myself.

They have to be really crunchy (ice cold milk helps) certainly not at all mushy. Goodness help anyone who wants any sense out of me or tries to waylay me in the 90-secs “still edible” window between pouring the milk on and finishing them off. Two is definitely the max that can be eaten in one helping before they go soggy but seconds are not out of the question.

These are v good and highly intelligent inputs lads. Truth be told that my ideal breakfast is one cumberland sausage, two rashers of thick cut dry cured bacon, half a grilled tomato (though a few scoops of tinned tomato will do as an acceptable alternative), mushrooms, one or two lightly poached eggs, fried bread and a few rounds of heavily buttered white toast (not from sliced bread – pref organic white & ideally Waitrose paysan blanc) washed down with milk, orange juice and tea (sometimes black cawfee at the weekend). Beans are optional. HP Sauce is mandatory.

Since I’ve been on a weight loss regime I’ve cut out the bread, stuck to the weetabix and banana except for weekends and it’s fair to say I’ve not missed the carbs so they are generally likely to be consigned to history and my birthday.

That’s all.

You asked for our comments about your new packaging. We do not like it very much and find it more difficult to get the weetabix out than the old one. My fingers go straight through the paper when I try to get a weetabix out, then the crumbs all fall out of the holes in the paper. Its just not as slidey as the old one and much more difficult to use. Please bring back the old shiny wrapper soon. Thank you.

Julie & Lewis Hay

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