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Timico bakeoff entries

The cake baking season at Timico is back in full swing, this time with a record ten entries for the Timico Business team bakeoff. Anyone who thinks I have a great job would be absolutely right. Bakeoff winner Gemma JonesIt isn’t easy though. With ten entries to plough through it takes a certain calibre of individual to complete the judging.

It’s also a very high pressure job. After all the entrants have put a lot of effort into the competition and it behoves us to come up with a fair and transparent decision. On this occasion four judges including yours truly, Ops Director Calum Malcolm, Marketing Director Neil Armstrong and assistant director of reception management Shannon Walker came up with an unanimous winner which was a delicious chocolate cake baked by Telephone Sales Manager Gemma Jones.

That’s me in the pic congratulating Gemma. Portions of the cake are being sold off this afternoon with proceeds going to Comic Relief which I think is coming up soon. Congratulations to Gemma and a huge thank you to everyone else who took part. They were all great cakes and it was a shame there could only be one winner.

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