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Wales to win by 8 points – read all about it – megamug prize comp

magnificent Welsh dragon bowtie Was at a Notts & Derbys Chamber of Commerce posh dinner last night. Margaret Hodge MP did the keynote between the main course and pud. She was very good fair play but went on about ten minutes longer than she needed to. I noticed she shot straight off as soon as the speech was finished.

The star turn was Radio4 Today programme presenter John Humphrys, also very good, fair play :). Afterwards he took questions and I got in first with “how much did he think Wales would beat England by tomorrow.” I was wearing my Welsh Dragon bow tie and judging from the reaction of the audience he and I were the only Welshmen in the 300 strong audience. He reckoned we would win by 9 points.

So today’s Timico megamug prize competition is all about tomorrow’s rugby match. Guess the total number of points scored, nearest guess wins the megamug. Only one entry per score so if your number has gone chose another.

As a bonus if you’d care to say who is going to win and by how many points there is a super dooper Timico pen in it for everyone who guesses right. No limit on how many people can guess this one – you can all go for Wales to win by 8 if you like.

Because it’s my game I get to go first and I’m going for 40 points total with Wales to win by 8 points which makes the score 24 – 16 to us.

Get yer bets on now.

PS John Humphrys also shot off as soon as he was finished.  I was going to tell him about the time I appeared on the Today Programme with Evan Davies (no relation afaik) 🙂

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16 replies on “Wales to win by 8 points – read all about it – megamug prize comp”

I think keynote speakers who don’t stay and join in aren’t worth having.
I can’t vote in your competition cos I know nowt about rugby sorry… but I hope Wales win, it will make my son in law very happy.
good luck

Statistically I realise that there are likely to be more England supporters than Welsh but perhaps some readers over the Severn Bridge in Gods own country could muster some support for the competition 🙂

England to win. 22-18

I have an English relative who lives near Carmarthen. He married a Welsh girl so it’s always interesting when a big match comes up. 🙂

Wales score three tries, converting two, get a penalty when Ashton finally loses plot and bites someone and so have 22 points

England will kick five penalties, and in last 5 mins get a try and convert making it the 13th draw in history of our sides fixtures

Unlucky for some

Brian Moore will be quoted for rest of season as saying repeatedly ‘what are scrums actually for? Eh? ….Eh?!!’

We have a winner – boggits got the exact points tally though it was possibly a total fluke as he thought England would win showing complete lack of judgement on these things.

If he could let me have his address (again – I’m sure I’ve sent boggits something in the past) I’ll send him a mug. Otherwise if he is attending the next LINX meeting we could have a ceremonial handing over of the prize in front of a world wide online audience.

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