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The TGI Friday Megamug prize with pen and teabags Awards Entry Competition

I’m ploughing through some awards entries at the moment. Urgh its like wading through treacle especially if you are entering multiple categories. The problem is that they all have similar judging criteria designed to produce submissions from multiple entrants that must look fairly similar – “We bend over backwards to provide our customers with great service” etc.

There is even one criterion within a VoIP category that asks whether we support dial up! And you get about 350 words to cover:

Price and value for money
Differentiation from competitors
Level of customer care
Value Added Services
Scope of service
Security capabilities
Network and technology strengths
Service reach and capacity
Flexibility and scalability
Reliability and levels of service
Entry level broadband package etc etc etc

It’s a challenge especially when most ISPs in the UK sell the same bland commoditised services (except for top B2B operators like Timico of course – we wrap ours up in funky business grade bundles with 24×7 support and throw in innovation, flexibility, security, scalability and all the rest of it – comes naturally, it’s in the DNA 🙂 )

So, bearing in mind this is Friday (TGI) and Friday is competition day I’m going to come up with an innovative competition that you can all enter. Also the prize this time is not just a fabulous Timico Megamug with terrific velvety smooth writing Timico pen. This time I’m going to throw in a box of teabags (brand TBC but it will be English breakfast – whatever is on offer in Tesco).

Gap while I try and think of a competition>



Ok got it.

All I need you to do is tell me why you deserve to win and what you would do with the prize. Get entering.

PS there are no judging criteria – write what you like, I’ll pick the winner I like.

PPS I like the idea of having a Awards Night. Worth giving some thought to.

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9 replies on “The TGI Friday Megamug prize with pen and teabags Awards Entry Competition”

Simple answer: put tea bags in Timico mug and make mega tea, use the pen to err solve world hunger, or a crossword which ever is easier.


A English breakfast tea panna cotta served in a Timico mega mug. (Can you tell Masterchef has started again)

I deserve to win because I’m a caffeine-aholic (it’s a thing) and any excuse to further this can only be good.

I’d take a stylish photo of the mug in use with Instagram every day for a year (#TimicoMug365) and share it with the Twittersphere to make the world a better place sharing the simple pleasure of a hot beverage.

As for the pen, I’d use it with pride wherever I go for both random scribbling and serious note-taking.

And the tea-bags? As per my first sentence, these would probably last a day or two at best!

That’s good thinking Karl. Never let it be said that I can’t be bribed with free advertising. Not many entries so far though. Will do some retweeting to see if we can get some more in. Maybe it’s a boring competition 🙂

We’re about to have a national debate in New Zealand about support for fax and dial up modems (which are often used by medical alarms, home alarms, credit card machines in shops, payTV boxes etc as well as retro dial up internet access). This will be part of the government’s review of the Telecommunications Service Obligations, which only applies to the two independent companies which make up the old incumbent.

As the country rushes to FTTH, and therefore fibre based voice services, the need to support legacy equipment is an interesting policy question: do you use the technology step change as an opportunity to stop supporting legacy stuff (a risk given some of the services involved)? I’m sure we’ll have fun debating that one.

Meanwhile, i’m up for a prize if you replace the mug, pen and tea bags with something else. if you are going to Tescos could you get me a box of shreddies please? thanks.

Alternatively, i’m happy with just the cash value of the prizes if you want to send me the money.

Shreddies are not available here except occasionally in the expensive British Aisles (as i like to call them) in our super market international food section alongside curly wurlys, fray bentos tinned pies and irn bru.

Ok this is the scoop. Tom gets the pen – I like the idea of being responsible for solving world hunger. Karl gets the mug and tea bags (it’s only a 160 box I’m afraid – Tesco was surprisingly out of 240 ones) and I’ll nip out and buy Dave Funkypancake a box of Shreddies provided he confirms that you are allowed to import agricultural produce to NZ.

Let me know where to send em guys.

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