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Rubbish connectivity on train

Sat on the train and can’t get anything done. Some bloke behind me talking very loudly on his phone. Keeps ringing up to try to invite “CEO”s to a dinner in a month or so. He is a former CEO apparently. None of the people he is trying to reach are in and he only gets their PAs. Very distracting.  I could move seats I suppose but the train is fairly full and I can’t be bothered.

Also the internet connectivity on this train is totally rubbish. The WiFi is like sludge and the cellular connection no better.

Usually I like to use train time to get stuff done. Rant over.

On the plus side it is a beautiful spring day and Mervyn King has told us all not to worry and that everything is going to be ok with the economy. He has nothing to lose of course but I am inclined to believe him.

I spoke with a customer this morning who said that things had started to move forward at their end. I think he is right. Having been to ISPA and ITSPA council meetings recently I note that membership is on the up and businesses in the new industries are growing. You do wonder how much of the recent recession is down to the negative hype of the media.

Anyway I’m not going to solve it all. I’m just going to wait until I get a signal and upload this post.


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