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Interesting to see this warning from Google re accepting paid for advertorials and links on a website. I must get at least one unsolicited email a week from marketing agencies looking at link building for their clients. The going rate can be as high as £150 a link. I don’t accept such requests. My last suggestion of £10k for a placed advertorial elicited no reply strangely enough.

The other type of unsolicited email I get is from marketing agencies offering to improve my own SEO performance. This type of email usually comes with a detailed footnote explaining that their email is not spam and that they follow all the guidelines about making it easy to unsubscribe etc. As often as not I still mark them as spam. They only come in to my email address which is at the moment relatively clutter free.

Fortunately this blog gets linked to from many sources and whilst I’m sure there are lots of things I could do to increase the traffic I’ve got other things I can be doing with my time.


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