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an original picture of a cloudSuperfast broadband Lincolnshire – can your business afford to be without?

If you are a business in Lincolnshire you might well have noticed the noise that was created back in March with the announcement of the Superfast Broadband contract with BT. Well network rollout has been moving along and there is soon going to come a time when some of you will have to decide what to do with your shiny new broadband connection.

On Thursday 26th September Timico is holding an event at our Newark datacentre. A datacentre is basically where all the internet action happens. The types of service that you will access as a  business using your superfast broadband are all “manufactured” in one. You might have heard of the term “cloud” in respect of accessing online services. Well the Newark datacentre is part of the cloud.

The Timico event registration starts at 4.30 and will have three seminars/workshops covering

  1. what you can do with the datacentre/cloud,
  2. taking advantage of your superfast broadband with emerging phone technology (inc hands on demos)
  3. what you can do with online marketing and social media.

We will finish at 7.15. If you are a business about to get superfast broadband for the first time, attending this event will be time well spent at the end of your business day. It isn’t restricted to Lincolnshire businesses. Anyone can come.

To register your interest you can drop an email to [email protected] or get in touch with [email protected]. Sandra runs our business “centre of excellence” and is a top source of information in this space.

The Timico datacentre is at the Brunel Business Park, in Newark. Bit more spiel here.

Superfast broadband Lincolnshire – how will your business use it?

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