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What goes on tour stays on tour

As the old saying goes – what goes on tour stays on tour. Having said that some stories are far to good to be kept from the public and today I picked up a couple of stonkers. Names have been withheld to protect  the innocent.

First up was a text that came in this morning. This was very much the morning after the night before. The sms read “woke up in f%$£*&g Brighton. This individual, the CEO of a company in the internet business, came to the Lonap ISPA Party Party last night. He had reservations about coming as he was flying to Las Vegas the next day and for want of a better word wanted an early night.

He checked in to a hotel in Gatwick then headed into town for the bash. One thing lead to another and he caught a train at some blurry hour in the night, fell asleep and woke up in Brighton. His return train got him to the hotel at dawn and he was able to snatch an hour’s kip before getting up to go and check in for his flight:)

The next story was related to me over lunch by the Chief Operating Officer of a major multinational business. One of the world’s most recognised brands actually. My friend had taken his family out for dinner including his brother in law who had a reputation for always ordering the most expensive item on the menu.

My pal, who remember was paying for the meal, nipped to the toilet and got back to find a magnum of posh champagne at the table. At this point he snapped and had a go at his brother in law. “I don’t mind paying for your meal but this really is taking the p!55“. At this point his wife, who is a midwife, pointed at one of the waiters and said she had delivered his wife’s baby a couple of weeks earlier. The magnum was a thank you present from the waiter.

The rest of the meal was eaten in silence:)

It’s a funny old world innit? 🙂

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