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All in all it’s just another brick in a wall

There’s something very artistic about a brick wall. The one was photographed in the corridor just outside the office. There isn’t much else to say about it really. I guess there is a scenario that it used to form part of some historic industrial building. The University of Lincoln is built on an old industrial site. One of the buildings, a bar and concert venue, is called the Engine Shed which gives you a bit of a hint to the past.

Sparkhouse is an interesting place to start a business. Interesting tech startups. The guys in the room next to us are into Bitcoin. In Lincoln! It’s something you really imagine happens in darkest Silicon Valley not quaint old Roman/medieval city of Lincoln. The Lincolnite office is just downstairs.

Not done much water cooler networking as yet which is what’s supposed to happen in these innovation centres.  It’ll come no doubt:)  There isn’t a water cooler anyway. You just run the cold tap for a bit. This isn’t Silicon Valley you know.

Anyway here’s the photo. The one after it is of a stone wall I pass on my walk home. Part of historic Lincoln. There are lots of them about. Nice. If anyone has any other good photos of walls then please send them in so that I can share them with the readers 🙂


stonewallGotta go. Watching the snooker. Anne is a fan.

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Yes, I agree, there is something artistic about walls and that is why I think that wall builders (usually referred to as a bricklayers) shouldn’t just be seen to be a structural engineers but also deserve the title of masonry artists. This is a very interesting subject Tref! There is much I could say here but the comment will end up longer than your blogpost (it wouldn’t be the first time that this has happened, would it?)! But, this has sparked an idea for a blog post of my own. It will be my first blogpost in fact! But I feel that I shouldn’t just leave this comment hanging, until I can publish my own blog. So I’m willing to make a little bit more effort here. Let’s just say, I’m reflecting on one of the best holidays that I ever had (which actually isn’t that many). Not sure of the exact year. It was most likely during the summer of 1974 or 75. My parents had chosen to take a holiday in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. I had no desire to spend two whole weeks sunbathing, swimming, or being a foreign tourist in sunny locations around The Balkan Peninsula (and still don’t) so I choose instead to go on a school field trip to Northumberland – where it rains a lot and is quite chilly, even in the middle of July! The trip was in conjunction with the history department although I was studying Tudors and Stuarts in ‘O’ Level History, so I don’t think the trip was necessarily going to help me much….Anyway, I was trying to keep this comment short, wasn’t I?…So I will just say that during my trip to the North East of England I did manage to complete a fair number of inspections on the remains of walls constructed by roman legionaries for the purpose of defensive fortification. From quite an early age I appear to have developed a healthy respect for bricklayers (and brick makers), having seen the remains of the walls that were built during Roman times and seeing walls still standing/newly built from more recent times, which may have a little bit more creativity about them. I have much more to say about walls and also about ‘brickies’ and their ‘art’ but I shall save this for my own blog…Apologies to Tref, I didn’t intend making such a long comment…but in the meantime…I’ve just thought of another entirely different comment that I could have added to this post. Oh well, as usual, so many things to say…no time to say it! 😉

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