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BA Executive Club Bronze is almost within my grasp

Just flicked through my emails to find one from British Airways telling me I’m only 140 tier points away from reaching bronze status.

A frisson of excitement ran through my entire body (not just bits of it). I eagerly scanned the rest of the email. With bronze I will be able to check in at the business class desk and earn extra Avios. Wahey.

Then someone opened a curtain and in  streamed the harsh reality of daylight. My current tally of tier points stands at 160. Another 140 means booking almost as many flights again as I’ve taken in the whole of the last 12 months. That’s two whole trips.

It just not gonna happen.

My imagination began to run riot. Most people flying BA probably do it on a regular basis. They are all almost certainly Bronze or above. Every man jack of them. Every one of them earning extra Avios and checking in at the business class desk.

I started to feel seriously left out. My mind raced back (yes it went very quickly – dashed) to my globe trotting days where my frequent flyer status got me an upgrade practically every time and I was on first name terms with the receptionists in all the major airline executive lounges.

“I wonder what it will take to get to silver” I thought to meself. Woa, hold on Tref, get real.

Interesting to see how the psychology of status works innit? Encouraging me to fly more just to reach the next level. Of course if you are a frequent flyer these things matter. Few businesses actually pay for their staff to fly up front but the benefits of a quick check in and a seat in a comfortable lounge certainly ease the tedium of travel. Someone I know (yes Nat) even flew to Amsterdam and back, that’s straight back on the next plane, just for the last few points needed to maintain tier status. Apparently he was questioned by the cops when he landed. It is an unusual thing to do. They probably thought he was a drug smuggler or something.

I’m sure that an elevated frequent flyer status (pun intended:) ) is worth having but I have to resign myself to the fact that it is not for me.

In fact, now that the curtains are fully open, I actually realise that I’m not that bovvered. For it to matter I’d need to be flying a lot which I’m not. Also when I was travelling much of it was long haul and I’d spend half my life in a state of jet lag. Family?  What family?

So when I fly to the Isle of Man in February to see me dear old mam and dad I’ll lining up with the rest of the plebs in the queue for economy. Except of course for the fact that everyone else will almost certainly be bronze or above and therefore checking in in business class. This will mean I will be the only person in my line and should sail straight through.

And as for the lounge it will be uncomfortably crowded and who wants champagne at ten o’clock in the morning anyway…

Trefor Davies

By Trefor Davies

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There are other ways to make status, like having the “right” credit card (especially if you use it for all your company purchases or paying your tax bill) or staying in the right hotels (and then transferring the points)


(oh and the twitter auth button for leaving a comment is broken “no token”)

Thanks James. I don’t think that twitter plug in was ever set up properly. Either that or it changed the way it works at some point. Trouble is it’s so long since I set it up I can’t even remember which plug in it is! I’ll take a skeet.

I guess the dream Dom is to be given a Gold card free of charge as a thank you for some reason or another. It is just a dream. I’m certainly not interested in putting in the actual air miles. Easier to just buy a first class ticket every time you fly:)

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