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Offline and LINX84

Suppose it doesn’t do any harm to be offline for a while. I’m on a short flight back from the Isle of Man to London City Airport and LINX84. The offline state seems a little strange when compared with the highly connected nature that is the whole purpose of LINX.

At every LINX meeting they report the vital statistics. Increase in membership, port count, usage. In my offline state all I can report is the number of pages read in my book. This is not very many. I bought the book, “Exile On An Island” by Don N.L.Giovannelli, TS in a the second hand bookshop in Peel. I’ve quickly lost interest in it tbh. Ah well. No idea what the TS stands for. Some Italian title perhaps. Can’t look it up. I’m offline.

It’s amazing how much we use the internet without realising it these days. Even my eighty year old dad, when we were talking about the takeaway menu at the local Chinese, said “just look it up on the internet”. I already had of course 🙂

They are always the same anyway, Chinese takeaway menus. It is expected. Annoys me when I got to an Indian restaurant to only find out that it does “designer” meals – tandoori lobster or venison. All I want from an indian restaurant is a familiar menu cooked well. Simples.

Anyway I can write the first LINX84 related post for you from the airplane. I looked up the stats this morning. Peak traffic is up to 1.981Tbps, membership numbers are up by 7 already in 2014 to 501. All good stuff. Onwards and upwards. Downwards actually. We are 15 minutes from landing and have to put away our laptops.

Ciao bebe.

Posted from the London City Airport DLR platform at 14.15 courtesy of EE4G.

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It’s not true about Chinese takeaway menus all being the same. I had the joy of going to a Chinese in Leeds with a Chinese lady, who revealed a well-kept secret to me. There is a whole other menu in all these establishments, in Chinese. So, obv, anyone who cannot do Mandarin hieroglyphs is left out. I have never eaten such amazing food in any other Chinese because I’ve never had the privilege to go again with someone who a) knows about these menus and b) can read them. We were treated to a whole array of regional dishes I have never ever heard of nor tasted before (or since). And there was no such thing as King Prawn Chop Suey on this menu as that is a dish, just like most Indian menus, created for the UK masses, not the discerning locals.

Just sayin’

Yep heard that too from some lads from Hong Kong I knew some years ago Lindsey.

We were all on the same Business course in Sixth form and had to go to Manchester for a week to complete an assignment, every evening mealtime they would leg it out from the Youth Hostel where we were staying down to the local take away and come back with all kinds of stuff I’d never even heard of.

They say even the dishes they do recognise are often sweetened for the British palate.

Back on the networking theme its very interesting how quickly traffic is growing and, after an incredibly short period of time of the masses having access, how indispensable Internet access has become in both business and life.

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