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Punters rush to sign up to funky new LinkedIn Group – tech stocks rally in out of hours trading

trefor_thumbIn a data centre somewhere on the world wide web Thursday 20th February 2014 AD.

This evening a new group was created on LinkedIn. One person has already rushed to sign up and early indicators suggest a rallying effect on global stock markets in out of hours trading.

Group founder Trefor Davies said “I’m really thrilled to be able to make this announcement”. Word has it that Davies was chatting to Rob who is doing some website development for and who asked whether there was a LinkedIn group for the blog.

“Rob was adding social media links to the template. To my total surprise I found that
we didn’t have one!” Davies went on to say. “We have a Facebook page and one on Google+ but not on LinkedIn. I was gobsmacked”.

The Facebook and Google+ pages are not yet regularly being updated but that will change when the new blog site is released. frequently gets reader intereaction and comment on social media platforms outside the blog.

“By making sure the pages are kept up to date we will be catering for readers who see links on the social media platforms as opposed to newsfeeds or by directly accessing the blog via bookmarks or simply typing in the URL (it’s not a difficult one to remember). It’s all about choice”.

The new LinkedIn group, which can be found here, is open to anyone. You don’t have to be invited (hint hint). it will be filled with great stuff and links to all new blog posts etc etc.

Keen blogger Davies is known to not mess about when he finds out a bit of news like this. The LinkedIn group was created as soon as Davies remembered this evening with a bit of colour being added by the funky new logo (see thumbnail at the beginning of this post).

Only time will tell whether the new group will reach the 100,000 member mark but we wish all concerned the best of luck.

Chocolate biscuits.

Trefor Davies

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