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1st daffs of year out on St David’s Day & bandwidth drivers in cafes

daffodilsIt’s St David’s Day and I am pleased to announce that the first daffodils of the year are out in the garden. Loads more threatening to bloom but not quite there yet. It’s also a fine day so we may see more before day is out.

This morning, it being a nice day and having no jobs list I went for a stroll into Lincoln’s Bailgate. It’s my custom and practice on occasion to record videos which I normally only share with the family. I do this once the vid is uploaded to Google+.

This morning I recorded one such video in front of the Cathedral in Lincoln and then went to the @BookStopCafe for a cuppa. As I was sat there relaxing to Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E minor (a particular fave of mine) and a pot of lemon tea the video uploaded to Goole+ over the caff’s WiFi.

Occurs to me that they don’t need many customers to be doing this to rack up big bandwidth usage. My 26 second video will have been a few tens of megs.  It won’t take long for cafes to need unlimited data bundles on their broadband connections. I’d like to bet that most such establishments  currently go for a low end package to save on costs.

The changing business landscape…

PS it wasn’t the Farmer’s Market. It was a craft market which for me doesn’t hold as much interest:)

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One reply on “1st daffs of year out on St David’s Day & bandwidth drivers in cafes”

Snowdrops still out here, no sign of daffs yet.
Must have been good wifi in the caff to do a vid upload no matter how small. The rurals have only 0.38 tops and shove contention on to it and you could have been sat there drinking lemon tea all afternoon in a rural cafe.

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