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The bald patch #peeringweek

Satellite image of a bald patch. This is an anonymous bald patch photographed by a passing spy satellite en route to a help search for flight MH370 missing in the Indian Ocean. GPS coordinates suggest the person in the photo was in the Leeds area at the time although no information is available about his identity.

Speculation abounds concerning whether the bald patch was at the 24th Euro-IX Forum at AQLs Salem datacentre though there is no hard evidence to support this. We shall probably never find out who’s bald patch this is.

bald_patchAmazing what technology can do now innit?

Photo courtesy of Edward Snowden.

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Unless one was here and know who was in front of you and can recognise the hair – or lack of – and the shirt … But clearly no one is in this position and the name of this eminent person is safe with me … Oops …

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