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Some shops have magnetic properties. They are able to draw you in to extract the cash from your wallet. As if there is someone from a Harry Potter book pointing a wand at you and sucking out money. Almost certainly one of the Dark Lord’s sidekicks. B4$^4£). Earn yer own money.

A ship’s chandlery is one such shop.  Very fortunately I don’t own a boat1.  So whilst I can’t pass a chandlery without feeling it’s hypnotic lure once inside all I can do is gaze jealously at the arrays of cleats, hooks, pulleys, blocks, ropes (of all sizes) and other useful artefacts of a nautical nature realising that the purchase of any one item would be totally unjustifiable.

I don’t think Mrs Davies would appreciate me coming home with some useful links of chain saying  I thought it would look good on the mantelpiece. I will one day but I need to have a garden shed to keep this kind of stuff, where it will be appreciated. A classic yellow souwester would look just right hanging on the back of the shed door innit? Don’t know if they still do those. Will have to nip back and check…

This particular emporium, purveyor of useful seagoing supplies, sells mainly to the fishing industry – there are 20 vessels working out of Peel, harvesting crabs, queenies and scallops. You never know when that information is going to be handy in a pub quiz. I found that out from the bloke behind the counter yesterday. To get the most out of a visit to a ships chandlery you have to chat to the bloke behind the counter. What’s selling well this season? Is the catch up or down on last year? All good stuff:)

Anyway enjoy the pics. Splice the mainbrace…


1 Every time we come to the Isle of Man I’m tempted and start looking at online yacht sales sites.

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Hi Tref – when I was a dinghy sailor I used to revel in the rigging and fittings, and would always spend far too much on shackles, blocks, and various other stainless steel toys. Never made me a better sailor, but playing with all that marine technology was great fun. I can understand your fascination with this stuff but beware – boats of even the smallest size are a massive drain on your wallet and a hard addiction to break!

Boats are a black hole in the water in which to throw money.

As a Ropemaker’s daughter, I am equally fascinated by rope, twine and cord. If you are ever in Hawes, Wensleydale, (where t’cheese is made), drop in and see how it is done.Rope alone is much cheaper than all the boaty stuff and always useful in the shed!

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