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Virgin Media net nanny parental controls make internet unusable

Virgin Media net nanny parental controls cockup

On Saturday Twitter was awash with complaints from Virgin Media customers unable to surf their weekend entertainments. Apparently the Virgin Media net nanny parental control system had gone tits up. Presumably during some maintenance.

Some Tweets for your info – then scroll down for some thoughts on the subject.

The danger with this kind of technology is that it will break the internet. Normally the issue is accidental blocking of legit sites who carry on innocently with their business not knowing that a chunk of their target market has been denied access to them.

Last weekend this was taken to the extreme as most websites were blocked. I don’t really have a problem with parents being able to opt in to parental controls (ie have to switch them on as opposed to others having to switch them off) although it is worth pointing out that any kid with a soupcon of street wisdom will know how to circumvent the system.

At my kids’ school it is a daily battle between teachers and taught to limit access to proscribed sites. More on this kind of subject here and ‘ere.

Also quite a few Twitter fuelled posts that you might find an interesting read over at broadbandrating.

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