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Weather update for Coast to Coast

Coast to coast weather update

As I get nearer the big day (travel to St Bees Saturday, walk Sunday) I’ve been looking a lot more closely at the weather forecast for the area. The forecast has been wet with wintry showers on high ground. Looks like we may get the wintry showers out of the way but the met office has been consistent in Saying that Sunday is going to be very wet.

At least the wind is going to be at our backs. The biggest problem with the wet weather is going to be that we may not be able to access some of the higher ground. This is a dual edged sword because on the one hand it will stop me from killing myself on the uphill sections but on the other hand I’m not sure there is always a low level workaround.

In the TV programmes you see Alfred Wainwright, and subsequently Julia Bradbury, sitting out the wet days in cafes. We don’t have that luxury of time.  Apparently the Julia Bradbury series took 6 weeks to film whereas our budget for this walk is 12 days.

I have pretty much everything I need now although I’m sure there will be time for a stroll around GoOutdoors in Lincoln just in case I’ve missed something. I’m thinking thinner gloves that allow you to use mobile phone screens whilst wearing them. I also need to make sure I have all the right blister plasters, just in case.

This morning I will be spending doing work type stuff but from lunchtime on the focus is packing and getting ready for the off. I am meeting Ajax, one of my walking buddies, for beers early doors on Friday and will want to be packed by then.

Don’t forget I’m raising cash for Cancer Research UK whilst on this Coast to Coast walk. The JustGiving page is here. The start date of the walk coincides with the anniversary of my mother’s death on May 1st last year. Mam was Chairman of the Marown & District branch of the IoM Anti Cancer Association.

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