Coast to Coast Weekend

The morning after the 13 days before

coast to coast walk day 13

On the coast to coast walk day 13  woke up at the usual time in Raven House B&B in Robin Hood’s Bay. It’s a classic seaside bed and breakfast and perfectly good. There is optional fried bread on the menu. Quality. We have a view looking out over the bay and I’m sat here in the bay window typing this post.

I’ve already been out for a stroll, of sorts. My feet are somewhat sore and I’m glad not to be going through the normal routine of the past ten days or so of sorting out the blisters. Didn’t get the blisters until day 3 as I recall.

One of the surprising features of this walk is that my feet haven’t got better as the days progressed. I had imagined they would harden and the walking would get easier. Not so. It’s meant that the average pace of 3 miles an hour during training on the roads had dropped to 2 mph which is a real issue if you are trying to put in maybe 19 miles or more in a day. Walking on stony ground has been particularly sore.

There are I’m sure going to be lots of reflections on the past fortnight’s endeavours. We will be giving awards for best breakfast, best B&B, best landlady/landlord etc. Also best location and so on – not really decided what the categories are yet.

It’s great to have finished. The welcome committee outside the Shore Hotel yesterday was wonderful. Very emotional. The weather was great although it had been quite cold walking across the moors. We video’d the throwing the stones ceremony whereby the stones brought from St Bees beach were cast into the sea in Robin Hood’s Bay.

Walked back up the hill to the B&B, showered and out to the Victoria Hotel for dinner. Had ribs followed by chicken jalfrezi and then profiteroles. Didn’t want to risk a curry when I was walking the next day. It was just standard chain pub stuff so nothing special but did the job. Our menu choices each night on the walk had been pretty identical at each venue – standard pub fare (steak, burger, pie, lasagne, gammon etc). Apart that is from the Buck Inn at Chop Gate where Wolfgang the chef owner had a great German menu.

Waiting now to pop down to brekkie at 8.30.

More later

Back home now (nice) with an afternoon of relaxation and internet in prospect. Had a sms yesterday from EE telling me my 20GB data limit had been reached. I have nearly 25GB of pics and vids on my phone SD card which was new before the coast to coast so that’s what’s used it. I’d a thought there wasn’t enough bandwidth of an flavour on the walk to use 20GB but obviously I’m wrong. Apparently the bundle reset yesterday but the very charming Irish girl on the end of the phone bunged me a complimentary 10GB to be getting on with anyway. Fair play.

Going through the mail and paid a few bill online associated with our rentals. Seasy. Tomorrow I am taking campervan Betty to Grimsby to buy her a new condensing fridge.

We are off out to the Tower Hotel tonight for a surprise party. Only thing is it’s not a surprise and tbh Ajax and I had in mind a few pints early doors followed by a quick Thai and then home but then again we are only bit players in the pageant 🙂 A  good time will be had.

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