Business piracy

Timesonline market research shows music artists revenues on the up.

Timesonline Labs blog published some interesting market research in November suggesting that revenues that musicians receive from non record label sources is on the rise.  The increases seem to more than compensate for the decrease in their incomes from record label contracts.

Record label revenues though are shown to be hugely in decline which says a lot about why they are making such a fuss over Music Piracy. I don’t think anyone should criticise the labels for their efforts.  However in considering the Digital Economy Bill Government should take a 60,000 foot view and recognise that business models are changing and the old record label way might well have to change with the times.

Bob Dylan foresaw this in “The Times They Are A Changing” -you better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone, for the times they are a-changing.  I think the labels are just swimming in the wrong direction.

Link to the Timesonline article here.

Thanks to boggits for the link.