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View from the top of BT Tower during the BT ISP Forum

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BT ISP Forum at the Post Office Tower

I’m off at the crack of dawn to London tomorrow for BT’s regular ISP Forum.  These are great gigs, fair play to BT. Organised by BT Wholesale the Fora are opportunities for BT to communicate with their Communications Provider customers.

Although we are guests of BT they don’t always get it their own way – there is often a lively and critical debate from the floor. The information exchange is useful but the opportunity to network is even more useful – having most of the main UK ISPs there in ine spot.  All ISPs buy from BT in one shape or form – LLU operators included.

Fortunately all I have to do tomorrow is to catch the train.  Several friends and acquaintances have been tweeting and posting lamentable tales of flight unavailabilities for eComm, #140 NYC and FiberFete, all going on in the USA this week. At least they can follow it all online these days though man cannot live by internet alone, even though it pays the bills 🙂