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EU goes bananas – food safety tech to be used to catch paedophiles and sex offenders?

I had to stare at this for a bit to understand it. In a Written Declaration the European Parliament has called on the Member States to coordinate a European early warning system involving their public authorities, based on the existing system for food safety, as a means of tackling paedophilia and sex offending.

They are also talking about applying the Data Retention Directive (Directive 2006/24/EC) to search engines.

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I love the French

It was only on 6th May that the European Parliament rejected Article 8 of the Telecoms Package Review.  This was the one that called for the “three strikes and you’re out” termination of broadband connectivity for anyone repeatedly found to be indulging in illegal P2P piracy. It was widely reported.

Yesterday the French Parliament under the direction of President Sarkozy did exactly the opposite of this.  I’m sure it is going to cause a huge furore.  If they have any sense UK plc will let it play out in France before having to decide what to do in the UK.

I can’t beat the FT for reporting resource so you can read their spiel on the subject here.

Although we complain when they have air traffic control strikes, baggage handlers go slows,  port blockades etc we do sometimes get good value for money from across the channel :-).